• 758-918 Wago Ethernet Gateway

    The 758-918 Wireless Ethernet Gateway from WAGO provides a simple wireless transmission link for ethernet connections such as Profinet, Modbus, TCP, and Ethernet/IP. This durable wireless ethernet gateway has an A-codded M12 plug power connector and a D-coded socket ethernet connector. And with IP65 housing and an internal directional antenna, it can withstand the harshest […]

  • Autonics SCM-WF48, Communication Converter Module

    The SCM-WF48 Communication Converter Module from Autonics provides you with the ability to easily convert USB or RS485 signal into a reliable wi-fi signal with a range up to 100 meters or 328 feet. With a built-in surge protection and reverse polarity protection circuit, this compact converter also supports both AP and station modes. The […]

  • The Differences Between Resistance, Reactance, and Impedance

    AC circuits are often complex to analyze since voltage and current alternate direction with a given frequency. These circuits have resistance and another property known as reactance. Impedance is the combination of resistance and reactance. Resistors prevent current from flowing, meaning they have the property of resistance. Resistors are found in both AC and DC […]

  • Sick’s DBS60 Series, Incremental Encoders

    The DBS60 series incremental encoder by Sick is a rugged, versatile device designed to measure shaft position and speed in a variety of industrial applications. DBS60 encoders are built with a 58 mm housing and compact installation depth, and provide a diverse range of flange and shaft design options to accommodate nearly any factory or […]

  • Lovato’s GL Series, Switch Disconnects

    Lovato switch disconnects pack versatility and flexibility within an easily mountable compact size. These three-pole switch disconnectors have dimensions of 162mm wide up to 315A, 203mm from 320A to 500A, and 231mm for 603A. With simple DIN Rail mounting, these disconnects offer versatile, multi-direction installation and can be adjusted in rotation and position, and a […]

  • What is a Varistor?

    A varistor, also known as voltage-dependent resistor is an electronic component with a nonlinear varying resistance, dependent on the voltage applied. The impedance is high under nominal load conditions, but will sharply decrease to a low value when a voltage threshold, the breakdown voltage, is exceeded. They are often used to protect circuits against excessive […]

  • How To Install a Motorized Breaker Operator

    In this video, we will demonstrate how to install a motorized breaker operator on an Eaton Moeller case switch. Start by making sure the disconnect switch is in the off position. Then, remove the existing manual operator using a screwdriver and verify that the breaker is in the off position. Now that the breaker is […]

  • What Are Gearmotors?

    A gearmotor is the pairing of an AC or DC electric motor and a gear reducer. The result is high torque at a low speed and a low degree of horsepower. Gearmotors are used in applications where a large degree of force is needed to move heavy objects and the specifications for these motors are […]

  • Infineon’s TD Series, SCR Diode Power Modules

    Infineon’s TD Seriesare standard hybrid SCR-diode power modules. They are typically used for power conversion equipment such as industrial motor drives, embedded motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies, AC-DC power supplies, and in welder power supplies. The TD Series offers customers a broad range of power modules containing thyristors and diodes in voltage range of 1200voltsto […]

  • AC and DC Gearmotor Overview

    Galco is now proud to offer AC and DC gearmotor options from industry leaders such as Baldor, Bison Gear and Engineering, Bodine, and Leeson. We can also help you get into gear with a plethora of gearmotor accessories such as Shaft kits, Cover kits, Flange kits, Base mounts, and more! Whether you are looking to […]

  • What is an Encoder and how does it work?

    An encoder is a communication device that controls the motion of an operating device. Encoders can help determine the speed or position of a motor, or other moving equipment. Encoders convert motion to an electrical signal that can be read by some type of control device in a motion control system, such as a counter […]

  • SICK ATM Series Multiturn Encoders

    The ATM series absolute multiturn encoders from SICK are rugged and reliable modular encoders that can withstand the harshest conditions, while still providing the reliable positional information, through its SSI electrical data interface. These maintenance-free encoders offer a long service life and are freely programmable for all single-turn and multiturn resolutions, eliminating the need for […]